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BMW 2002 tii Touring (1973-1975) bumper

Valabil din 11.06.2024 02:24:24

BMW 2002 tii Touring (1973-1975) bumper
BMW 2002 tii Touring (1973-1975) bumper (BMW 2002 Stoßfänger)
A set bumper of a front bumper in 3 parts, 2 x over riders. A rear bumper in 3 parts, 2 x covers, bolts and screw ( we do not provide rubber trims for front and rear )
Bumper is copied from the original in shape, size and is perfectly comparable to the original bumper.
The bumper is made from 304 stainless steel, 2mm thickness, it never rust, even at different temperatures, protect it from chemicals and weather elements, After the bumper is finished, it is polished to high gloss. It looks like chrome. The inside of the bumper is painted with many layers, making it smoother and more beautiful.
Please see my web:
If the bumper needs to cut a light hole or a license plate or a rubber hole, please let me know.
Besides bumper for BMW 2002 tii Touring, I also have bumpers for BMW 2800 CS(E9, 3.0 CS), BMW 2002 short type, BMW 2002 long, Trim BMW 2002, Grill 2002, BMW E21, E28…
The current bumper models we have: Mercedes, Datsun, BMW, Volvo, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Ford, Opel, Triumph….
More than that, we always want to work towards developing more new models. So we are searching for samples from any customers who can cooperate with us to expand some kinds of products in stainless steel, rubber, steel, aluminum, copper, chrome such as bumpers, trims, plate number frames, parts of classic cars, modern cars, stainless steel tools for high-class bathrooms, stainless steel parts for high-end tables and chairs.
The choice for your car: luxury – class. If you need bumpers for any classic car, please contact.
We can support for you:, BMW 2002 bumper, BMW 2002 Stoßfänger
Email: ,
WhatsApp: +84812842228; +84948.7272.86

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